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Our volunteers are JOY-burst of compassion who boost the weary spirit.


Loving Care Hospice Volunteers are JOY Boosters who serve from their heart and who knows true satisfaction from making someone else’s life better.


“Every time I have visited a patient I've left the visit feeling joyful and glad for the experience. My one word to describe volunteering would be gratifying.” G.B.,Volunteer for Loving Care

Available 24/7 to meet your needs.

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The need is great for volunteers! Because many people work, there are fewer caregivers in family units and those who are caregivers become exhausted and need respite.

Consider becoming a Loving Care Volunteer!

A volunteer’s compassion, loving presence, and encouragement make a tremendous difference in the lives of our patients and their families.



“It was so comforting to have someone just be there with us during all this stress. She brought us

coffee and water, help our hands and took notes of what the doctor was telling us.” S. B


“Thank you for your help. You became a part of my family when you helped my mom. I can’t thank

you enough. Love to all.” L.S.


“I never dreamed my husband would listen to someone play their guitar and sing but he looked forward to our hospice volunteer coming to do this. It was so comforting to him. Thank you for blessing us.” M.G





Never take for granted the impact you make through the little things you do or say to enhance the patients’ quality of life and reduce the family’s caregiving burden. Every Loving Care Hospice Volunteer has something special and significant to contribute!

You may be just one person to the world but to one hospice patient you are the world!


Loving Care understands that each volunteer has his or her own unique skills and interests. Therefore, we offer a variety of areas where both men and women can choose to volunteer and find joy. You will be adequately trained for your volunteer role.


We know you have many choices when you select an organization that is worthy of your time, talents, dedication, and enthusiasm.


Thank you for considering Loving Care Hospice & Home Health.


You will make a difference in YOUR community!


Top Ten Reason's to Choose your Local Agency!

Loving Care is your locally based agency, not one traveling from Columbus for example...



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Redefining Quality of Life

After someone is given a grim prognosis, a renewed sense of appreciation for life and its simple pleasures may be recognized...




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Please give what you can and help Loving Care make a difference for our community.

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