Top 10 Reasons to Choose
Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care


10. A Non-profit, United Way Partner- By using our services we help you keep money in the county you so generously give to!


9. 24/7 & No Answering Service- All calls are answered in the local office or by a nurse. On- call needs go directly to nurse not an answering service.


8. Qualified Volunteers- All patient volunteers must go through extensive volunteer training before going on visits or offering respite care for caregivers.


7. Medical Social Workers, Clergy & Community Grief Support- We provide psychotherapy, supportive counseling, and grief counseling locally. All hospice patients are offered support from our clergy, but it is their choice.


6. Support Local Health Providers- We support and use local business like our hospital, nursing facilities, pharmacies, DME companies and assisted living facilities.


5. Palliative/Supportive Care- We work with your local physician to alleviate chronic illness symptoms. This program is free of charge and can be an addition to home health services a patient may already be receiving.


4. Local Physicians- Although we have a local Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Medical Director, we encourage primary care physicians to stay involved in the care.


3. Local Staff- Nurses, aides, medical directors, etc. live near the patients our agency is caring for. Loving Care is your locally based agency, not one traveling from Columbus for example. This is especially beneficial for the patients and their families in emergent situations.


2. Small Nurse to Patient Ratio- Allows patient and family to bond with nurse.


1. Only Hometown Agency- Our staff knows the community and its resources which allow us to provide the best possible care!

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Please give what you can and help Loving Care make a difference for our community.

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